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The PulseTech® SP-25 24V PT20 SolarPulse® 25-Watt Solar Charger comes with the PT20 Solar Charge Controller which utilizes advanced pulse width modulated (PWM) technology. It also features temperature compensation and pre-programmed multi-staged charging algorithms, plus battery protection from overvoltage, reverse polarity, and reverse current from battery to solar panel. The solar charger is used to charge, maintain and desulfate any individual 24-Volt lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell), as well as two to four 24V batteries connected in parallel, making it ideal for heavy duty applications.

The plastic coated panel (17.88" x 14.34" x 0.2") is virtually indestructible and impervious to weather and age. It has a 15' box-to-panel cable and 10' box-to-lug cable. The rugged "all-weather" PT20 includes a 9.5' temperature sensor, 9.8' fused battery harness and solar input adapter.

SP-25 24V PT20 SolarPulse 25W Solar Charger w/Charge Controller

SKU: 735X791
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