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Commercial Products


Pulse Technology for Commercial Applications

Battery maintenance is essential regardless of whether you have a fleet of trucks, use heavy construction equipment, farming equipment or industrial warehouse equipment. New vehicles have much larger key off loads than in the past which add to battery problems and additions of devices like GPS systems that run 24/7 in older or legacy fleets add additional complexities that need to be overcome. Premature Battery Failure has become an assumed cost of business…but it shouldn't be! 

No matter where your batteries are performing, or even awaiting to be placed in service, routine maintenance is a must. 

Taking battery performance for granted can be frustrating and ultimately costly for those whose responsibility centers on keeping vehicles and equipment operational and work schedules on time. PulseTech Products Corporation has worked closely with our military and commercial customers to custom build a series of high tech smart tools, including analytical testers and charging systems, stock maintainers, heavy duty rolling multiple battery chargers and a series of state-of-the art solar panel applications using the power of the sun – all designed to enhance battery performance and reduce costs. 

Not performing routine maintenance can and will lead to more costly issues further down the road. PulseTech offers tools designed to enhance battery performance and reduce costs associated with pre-mature battery failure.

At the heart of these cost savings is our Battery Maintenance Management Program (BMMP) which with the combined utilization of our patented Pulse Technology and personnel training can reduce battery consumption by up to 50%! 

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