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Battery Maintenance Solutions


Battery Bench - Pulse Technology

Battery Maintenance Benefits extends battery life up to 5 times longer with patented Pulse Technology

Battery Bench specialises in tools to maintain lead acid batteries, with technology from world leader Pulsetech Products we have a range of products to suit your requirements. Patented Pulse Technology can extend battery life up to 5 times longer. 

Being the sole distributor for Pulsetech since 1996 in the Australian region we understand how to extend the life of your batteries. 

For use on all lead acid batteries including automotive, marine, agriculture, motorbikes, motorhomes, caravans and trucking.  

Solutions by Application


Battery Maintenance Products for Military Applications


Battery Maintenance Products for Commercial Applications


Battery Maintenance Products for Consumer applications 12 and 24 volt. 

battery pulse technology

Pulse Technology

The background of PulseTech™ patented pulse technology

Military Battery Maintenance
Commercial battery maintenance
consumer battery maintenance
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